Maria Adelaide

creative web development

Cornell Journal of Architecture with Elana Schlenker [USA]

La Paz with R2 [PT]

Massiera Samadi with Massiera Samadi [FR]

Manna Molecular with Out of Office [USA]

Museu da Cidade with R2 [PT]

Dewy Grass Club with Out of Office [USA]

Dafne Editora with R2 [PT]

Centro de Arte Oliva with R2 [PT]

S-E (interactive homepage) with Degrau [PT]

Out of Office with Out of Office [USA]

Kamrooz Aram with WSDIA [USA]

Corn Tastes Better on the Honour System with Studio AIRPORT [NL]

Machines of Disquiet (Internal/Research Project)

Modern Matter with OMO Creates [UK]

Beverly Semmes with Elana Schlenker [USA]

Sanctuaries of Silence with Studio AIRPORT [NL]

Alistair Matthews with Elana Schlenker [USA]

Cinema Insuflável with R2 [PT]

Remember with Studio AIRPORT [NL]

Hacking Finance with Out of Office [USA]

A-R-C-S with IYA Studio [UK]

Some All None with Jeremiah Chiu [USA]

Cosmo Pyke with Joe Joiner [UK]

Arpino Design with R2 [PT]

Google (Internal Project) with Jeremiah Chiu [USA]

Matthea de Muynck with Nina Couvert [NL]

Naomi Cleaver with Mind Design [UK]

Rooks Nest Ventures with O Street [UK]

HyperPavilion 2017 with No Plans [USA UK] and Jack Grafton [UK]

José Bronze with José Maria Cunha [PT]

URSA with Non-verbal Club [PT]

Arquivo LdoD with José Maria Cunha [PT]

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